Thursday, November 22, 2007

Industrial Heart

Dortmund, Germany.

I arrived here in one of the industrial hearts of Germany, spending the Thanksgiving holiday with my friends. We wandered around in order to find a few ingredients for the big meal. Turkeys are not huge here, no sweet potatoes, pretty much just threw together a recipe for stuffing.

Should be interesting.

As for Germany (well, Dortmund, anyhow), it's pretty clean and efficient. Actually, it's amazingly clean and efficient. The train ride from the Düsseldorf airport was on time, to the minute, and so pristine you can eat of the...well...alright, not that clean, but pretty damn clean.

Dortmund is a pretty bland city, when it comes to architecture, but the Christmas market is shaping up to be something pretty spectacular. The tree easily rivals the one they put out in front of the White House, or Rockefeller Center. They start things up tonight, but we'll be heading over there on the weekend.

I'm starting to shape up my plans for the rest of the time here. I'm currently thinking about heading to Berlin for a few days, and then down to Munich. Other than that, not much else planned out.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Mary said...

Happy Thanksgiving bro, and happy travels! I'm glad that you're writing again. I can live vicariously through you for a few weeks. Safe travels!

Jessica said...

Ah, Christmastime. Is it more craftsy and less commercial than the US shopping areas, or similar?