Friday, March 10, 2006

Back North

Back North, where water drains clockwise, and the weather is cold.

It's strange to be back, really. There was quite a bit of thought put into to staying on Monday morning. I really liked it down there. The city was really starting to feel comfortable, and I was just starting to get the hang of Tango.

I had met some pretty cool people, as well, some of whom are staying on in BA for a while. I would have know some people while I was there, and not just been completely on my own. Certainly would have made the transition from visiting to living very easy.

But here I am, sitting in the coffee shop.

I decided, as it is, to stick with my original plan. So, I've already bought plane tickets for the next destination: Scotland. Well, London, actually. I'll get up to Scotland somehow.

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