Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Long Day


I made it in one piece, as usual. I've never actually had any trouble with flights before. This one probably had the closest thing to an issue. I neglected to print out my itinerary before heading to the airport.

This could have been a Bad Thing.

It turns out that, in the case that they ask, if you don't have proof of onward travel, Immigration will not let you into the UK. As a consequence, Icelandair will not let you on your flight.

This was pretty simple to take care off, as long as I could find a printer. The airline couldn't print out an itinerary for me - their computers were down[1]. So I found the one printer in the whole airport I could use. I charmed - that's right, charmed - my way into printing out my itinerary at the reception of the airport conference center.

Who knew I could be so charming?

On an Apologetic Note...

To all those folks that I did not get a chance to see before I left again, sorry about that. I was a bit of a lazy bastard. I'd blame ballroom dancing, but there wasn't even a whole lot of that going on...

[1] No wonder all the airlines are having issues. They seem to have the biggest, piece of crap computer system out there. It's really time to modernize that one, guys.

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