Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mismanagement and Misadventure

Minneapolis, MN

Again, as a trip draws near I have done very little towards the preparation of the trip. I've order some books, I've paid for plane tickets, but naught else has been accomplished. You'd think, in this modern age of the Internet and email that I would have things more readily researched, hotels booked, and routes plotted.

In fact, I don't even have the slightest idea of where I will go.

Scotland, it turns out, is a remarkable small part of the British Isles. Bigger than Wales, but with a small population - roughly six million. Doesn't seem like much for a culture that apparently invented the modern world.

All this mismanagement and lack of planning certainly removes all the interesting travel related bits out and leaves us with ...well, very little.

I have been trying to keep myself active, though. It seems, mostly at night, though. There was a little tango dancing on Sunday, at the Loring. That felt pretty good. I couldn't remember any of the interesting bits I had learned (they'll come back), but I did feel very comfortable just navigating the floor. There was a certain confidence in my step that definitely wasn't there before.

Saturday night involved a trip out to The 400 Bar to see a band called The Heartless Bastards. They were billed as being a cross between The Black Keys and some other female lead singer that I had never heard of. While not having as much musical range as the Black Keys, the lead singer had a fantastic voice that conveyed just the proper amount of darkness and depression for a blues-rock band.

Good stuff.

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