Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Minor Disappointments

I was invited to go to a milonga tonight by some of my classmates. Interestingly enough, the foreign tango enthusiasts have something in common. However, it didn't quite go off.

I couldn't find the bloody place.

I mean it just wasn't there. I checked every street, every corner every building. A place called El Nacional shouldn't be that difficult to find. It just sounds grand.

Same goes with another site to see yesterday. Now, it's not one that would make it on everyone's list of must-sees here in BA, but I was going to go to this religious theme park last night. Tierra Santa is this religious theme park where the highlight of the show is that Jesus gets resurrected every half-hour. Kitschy as all hell.

Turns out it was closed, only open on weekends. Ahh...well. I don't think I'll try to go there again, as it's seems to be only place one can visit with the Scottish.


R&L said...

Dude, we want a postcard from Jesus land!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Peter I think you need to go back to that park and get some pictures and pick up some Jesus kitsch for your friends. I don't understand the dig on Scotts. You should meet them so you have someone to visit next month -Kathy