Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Weekend Wandering

Like I said in my last post, I spent a lot of time wandering around over the weekend. Sunday was great, since there were a number of open air markets in the plazas. They seemed to consist mostly of antiques[1] or art, most of which was tango related.

There were a number of street tango performances, dancing for change, and posing for photos. Some were quite good. One of which explained, at length, and in very rapid Spanish, the history of the dance. Apparently, the gauchos that came to BA walked with the tango stride, as well as rubbed the tops of there shoes on the back of there trouser legs. This was due to several possible reasons. The first was that they had machismo in their strides. As for the shoe-rubbing, it grew out of their use of pant legs as a way to clean off the cow crap[2].


As for the second possibility, the simple did these things because they had new shoes. They would take these long strides that present the foot first, showing of their new kicks. As anyone knows with new shoes, they can hurt. This is where the leg rubbing came from.

I don't know how much fact there was in his history, but it was all entertaining non the less.

The great part about these parts of town is that the tourists mainly seem to bus from place to place. Once you go out onto the streets, you're left with the locals. Mind you, there's certainly streets that you should not wander down.

There's a tiny little section of this neighborhood called La Boca that has these house painted with bright colors. The story behind the paint is that the sailors who lived there were so poor that they stole what ever paint they could from the boats they were on to paint their homes. Granted, I think this history is quite true, given how poor La Boca is.

As For My Tango...

I did get back to classes on Monday. I've had lessons with really small class sizes, to the point that they were almost private lessons. Two teachers for the four to six students in the classes. It leaves me wondering: is Tango a dying art here, or is it merely that there are so many teachers that the class sizes are small. I think going to a milonga will help answer that question.

At least I think I've found the two sets of instructors that I will go to for the week. One for technique and improvisation, the other for various standard moves. Both have been good.

I will say this though: one class a day is probably plenty.

[1] read rubbish.

[2] Oddly enough, some PC's are censored. I wanted to use the word the guy used. Use your imagination.


knobboy said...

Didja get any pix of La Boca?


schpatz said...

Nothing good, but I was hanging out with this girl who was much more of a photographer than I am.

Check this out.

knobboy said...


Very nice.