Sunday, February 12, 2006

Street Tango

Bloody nice tango. There was this excellent couple performing tango at the sunday market in San Telmo. The guy spent quite a bit of time explaining the history of the dance in very rapid Spanish. I was glad to have a decent spanish speaker in my company.

I spent a really good weekend just wandering around town, walking through the various neighborhoods. The city is really a joy to walk through. It has marvolous character.

The strange thing was that there really weren't a whole lot of people around on the weekend. They went to the parks and the outdoor markets, but otherwise the streets seemed pretty quiet.

I'm feeling a little bit sunburned at the moment, so I'm enjoying a little be of AC in the Locutorio Internet. Not really in the mood to write too much as a result. Perhaps after a bit to drink and eat.

Hopefully I'll be back in full swing once I start lessons again...

1 comment:

Nathaniel Maddux said...

que tal peter...

¿ya has probado la yerba maté?

Keep the awesome photos a'comin'.

hasta luego che,
Nate (y Mary)