Monday, January 30, 2006

Almost Empty

The movers came this morning. Odd to stand by, feeling useless, unnecessary, as they moved everything out.

Well, almost everything.

I still have to move my clothes, some personal items, the remains of the linen closet, and my A/V equipment. A small list, really.

Still, it seems as though this step is over. Sure, I have a few things to do to finalize the move - cleaning, mostly. Even so, it feels done. I'm able to relax a bit before the last push.

I did have a small party last night. Mainly for ballroom folks. Actually, it was the first and last party at this place. I will say this, though: It's not that hard to through a relatively informal party. It was a good way to see a bunch of people before I go.

Another odd thing about this whole deal: people seem to think that I'm not coming back at all. It's as though I'll never see anyone again. I don't think that's true, since I'll be back in a month, at least for a little while.

It is nice to get those goodbyes. You never know...

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