Sunday, January 08, 2006

What Day Is It?

I've found something that I'm actually uncomfortable with. I'm already starting to have trouble remembering what day it is. I'm bothered by this when I'm at home, simply because everyone else I know is still well aware of the days of the week.

I don't have an issue with this when I'm on the road. It's par for the course really. You only need to remember that I have to a plane to catch two days from now, or on such-and-such a date, but the day of the week is really irrelevant.

Days of the week are only really important for two reasons. First, for work. Knowing when it's Friday, knowing when it's Monday, knowing when it's Sunday night and one has a Monday morning looming, rearing it's ugly head, like the hangover Saturday had made it a miserable Sunday to begin with.

Work helps to keep those days organized. More often than not, the week is planned. This project needs to be finished by that deadline. Some meeting with whatshisname is on Thursday (make sure not to miss it, and find who he is - that's embarrassing). To add to this organization, one's weekends are planned with happy hours, snowboarding trips, and other things crammed into that small space of time that everyone is granted as a reprieve.

Having all this organization makes the time go by at a rather accelerated pace. There's no time to slow down since there's always seems to be not enough time. It's nice to slow down, and take the time. It's amazing how much time there is when one is not working. That's going to be a huge slap of reality, when I do go back to work. I'm sure I'll be ready for it by then.

I said there are two reasons for knowing the days of the week. The other is only for about seventy-five to ninety percent of the population. One needs to know when to go to church, temple, or whatever one goes to for their spiritual needs. This hasn't been a concern of mine for years. Only that I know now to avoid any conversation about what I do with my Sunday mornings.[1]

Sunday does, however, have a lot of nice reasons to center a week around. There's time spent with family, time spent relaxing, time spent watching football (either kind really). It seems to be the one day of the week where no one is particularly obsessed with time.

Perhaps that's all I really need to do is to let go of being obsessed with time. It's just as hard to give up as being addicted to work. Time is an arbitrary business.

...and I've got it in spades...

[1] I realize, of course, that I'm violating the whole idea of not talking about my lack of religion. I'm interested in religion from a Sociological perspective, but I'm not interested in it from a practicing perspective. I've just stopped thinking of it that way.

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