Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Who Are All These People?

I had this strange notion that there would be this empty world out here away from work. I imagined that I would be this lone patron of the gym and the coffee shop. There would be more silence, less bustle, more clear air.

It turns out it's not the case. There are a crap-load of people on the outside.

Where do all these people come from? Are they taking breaks from the jobs? Are they all retired? Did they all quit their jobs in order to travel?

The gym can be pretty easily explained. I was there pretty close to the lunch hour. A lot of people take breaks to work out midday. Heck, even I used to do that when it used to be really convenient.

But the coffee house? Sure there are a lot of older people here for there afternoon visits, cups of coffee, time out of their homes. But what about all the young people? There are quite a few people who look to be roughly my age. I'm going to guess that they're students. Or, maybe they could be people who get to work from home. If that's the case, I need to find out what they do. It's seems like a good gig to work from home (or a coffee house, in this case).

Maybe they're all aspiring writers who have quit their day jobs for no particular reason. I wonder what that would be like...

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