Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Crazy Woke Me Up

The Crazy woke me up, this morning at four AM. I woke up to a running catalog of everything I owned that still needed to be boxed up or specially handled. Some part of my brain (apparently the one that handles organization - we don't really talk that much, only when dealing with desktop icons, or filesystem layouts) was listing out everything and then addressing whether or not it needed climate controlled storage. Thorough, complete, methodical, crazy.

I have a ton of old disk drives of various sorts. I have a few too many old computers. How am I going to handle the cold storage of those things? I hadn't really thought about my old fencing gear. Haven't used it in years, but I can't really see myself getting rid of it. Same goes with the Lego Mindstorms set. Such a cool idea for a toy, but I never really used it. Maybe I should give it away to charity, or a friend of mine.

It took about an hour to quit cataloging. I don't even really have that much stuff, so I 'm sure there were some repeats. I think it was just my weekly freakout. Nothing to worry about. I have plenty of time, over a week really. I guess that's my brain, for you. An hour or two of really worry and then I get on with things.

Trapped, Again

I spent all my time yesterday within five blocks of my house. I walked to the coffee shop. I walked to the grocery store. I played video games (well, ok, game: Civ IV - time and soul sucking addiction[1]). My only "people time" yesterday was dinner and Lost with a friend of mine. Once again, saving me from Crazy.

Stupid car.

I thought Honda's were supposed to be reliable (warning: rant a comin'). Damn piece of junk, if you ask me. Every year, I have to put in at least two grand of work into the damn thing. I'd be better off buying two-grand car, once a year. Now that it's all fixed, I still have to find a place to park the damn thing for the month.

Ok, ok. That's enough bad-mouthing the car. I have it back. The breaks are so sensitive, I had to relearn the amount of pressure they need. They are nice. I've always thought "stop on a dime" was just an expression, but now...

[1] A little more on the subject of the game that is Civilization. Back when I was in college, the first Civilization had been out for a while, it's sequel coming pretty soon. A good friend of mine was a history major, so I loaned him my copy of the game. I stopped by his dorm room the next morning, and there he was, still playing, a little wild-eyed and obsessive.

He asked me to take it away from him. Please, oh, please, just take it away.

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