Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What's That Sucking Sound?

Call it Murphy's Law. Call it Luck. Call it Fate. Call it being at the Wrong End of the Probability Curve. Call it What You Will. It never fails that once you decide to quit your job, something major[1] breaks.

In my case it was my car's breaks.

Nothing is more unsettling then the feeling one has when a break line has sprung a leak. They work, sort of. Imagine that your stopping distance increases threefold, and your pedal doesn't feel effective until it hits the floor. Like I said, unsettling.

Granted I needed to replace my rear breaks: rusted rotors and no padding. They must have still had a little life left in them, as they saved my ass on sunday night from slamming into a parked car on 35W. After that, they decided to give up the ghost[2].

I was smart, though. I actually planned for this. I was having automotive troubles before I quit, and so there's money for this. You just never know what it's going to be. It always surprises you.

[1] major (mã'jər) adj. 1. expensive

[2] "Give up the ghost" - I've got to tell you, that is a great phrase to use when describing the death of machines.

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