Tuesday, January 24, 2006

In Earnest

Now with the existential crisis-type entry behind us, we can get back to a simple, and oh, so interesting descriptions of my Exciting Life.

Packing has moved in to the forefront of my activities. I decided to start with the hardest bit first: the kitchen. I'm not usually one to try and tackle the hardest thing first. I normally like to get into a groove, and work my way up to the harder bits. Another thing to feel good about, with respect to the move.

But packing up the kitchen does leave me wondering: what the hell am I going to eat? I guess I'll have to <twist my arm> eat out.

Boxes. I need more boxes. Not for big things, as I seem to be getting rid of a lot of the bigger things. If I haven't used it, nor see myself using it, it gets tossed, or given away. I do have a lot of books. A lot. Of. Books. Too many. And I can't part with them. Well, OK, that's not quite true. Some of them truly were crappy. No point in keeping those. But I still need to deal with them.

Aside from packing, I've been reading a lot of comics lately. In particular, I've really enjoyed the Hellboy comics. Damned good stuff. That Mike Mignola really knows how to put together a great comic. Great use of shadow, and, as action comics go, it has some of the best writing I've seen. Then again, I've never really read a lot of action comics.

One thing I've noticed about comics, though is that they leave very little room in the end for conclusion. That seems like my kind of speed for writing. I've always been terrible with conclusions. Now if only I could draw...

I have been trying to figure out what the hell to read on my trip. I like to be covered for reading material on a long trip but a month might be too long. I've been thinking about picking up some popular physics books. There are two (apparently) really good books about the forefront of the field, both by Brian Greene. The first, is The elegant Universe, which was made into a Nova mini-series. The second is a follow-up (?), The Fabric of the Cosmos. Elegant Universe takes on quantum physics, and the truly bizarre natures of reality, where Fabric discusses things on the macro scale. Both cover subjects I was heavily interested in as a young lad, growing up in the Midwest.

So coming back from a minor existential crisis seems to have left my writing all over the board.


Booger said...

If you want to move away from the popular and fun physics publications to the migraine-inducing ones, check out my genius friend's work at http://www.ch.ic.ac.uk/kornyshev/aaron.html

We were in two bands together: 1) Dung on a Stick and 2) Wet Toast. He's a kick arse drummer.

Bad news, Peter -- we submitted to NSTL today with an odd number build

schpatz said...

Son of a...