Saturday, January 14, 2006

Flipped Time

I've discussed this with a few other friends of mine who are not working at the moment and I've found that there's a certain way that time is flipped about. Our busy hours, socially, are at night, our relaxed time is during the day.

I've been rather socially active, having something to do most evenings (tonight, not withstanding). During the day, however, there's been a remarkable amount of down time. I spend some time packing, planning, etc, but, in the end, it's mostly just quiet time.

Take, for example, the fact that I only did some moving yesterday. The evening was spent wall climbing, followed by taps and apps until 12:30. Longer than most of my days, really.

Of course, I've asked other friends of mine how they deal with the time. They simple say that they sleep through most of the day and then go out all night. This doesn't really work well for me, actually. I don't do so well sleeping with sunlight. Maybe I need exhaustion.

On another note, it also seems like the fuel that's been under this particular fire is starting to dwindle. I don't feel quite as free with words as I did at the start. Perhaps, it has to due with the fact that I'm at a point where things are set. Tickets: done. Storage space: done. Movers: done. All that's left is packing and waiting.

Perhaps, with those things out of the way I can spend more time thinking on other things. Like how many surgeries has Ertha Kitt had to get her face that tight. You know questions for the ages...

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